2024 Elections: TDP Janasena alliance- Cat on a wall game

While 2024 elections heat is turning high, TDP and Janasena are still  not clear on the alliance terms.  Few unmature leaders and followers of both the parties are making more harm to the alliance than the opposition. 

Pawan Kalyan is still in the budding stage of his political career. In 2019 elections, he couldn’t even assure victory for himself. But now, Janasena followers as well as few leaders like Nagababu are eyeing the CM seat from the alliance. 

Janasainiks should understand if they want to save the state, fighting the elections must be the priority. TDP has the experience and calibre of ruling. Of course, as a part of the alliance, few cabinet ministers will be given to Janasena leaders. But Janasainiks being Janasainiks straight away want the CM chair.

TDP is only burdening themselves for 2024 elections by this alliance with Janasena. Any given day, there are high chances Pawan Kalyan might turn into Eknath Shinde. If not for himself, BJP will instigate. TDP can daringly contest the elections without alliance. Even if TDP loses in 2024 they have nothing to lose, it is going to be only the state. People who have seen YSRCP from 2019 to 2024, may not be willing to see them again from 2024 to 2029 hopefully.

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