Trivikram made as Scape goat in Guntur Kaaram failure

For unknown reasons all the blame on Guntur Kaaram failure is being pushed on Trivikram Srinivas. Right from the 1AM shows, Trivikram is being targeted and is being made the scape goat by Mahesh Babu fans. Mahesh fans operated in a modus operandi to target Trivikram Srinivas in Guntur Kaaram failure. 

First Mahesh Babu fans completely blamed Trivikram for poor execution. But from the third day when holiday crowd started coming to theatres, Mahesh fans started attributing the crowd as Mahesh babu “pulling” stamina. Infact, Bellamkonda Srinivas starrer Alludu Adhurs registered fulls during sankaranti.

Then the same pattern continued for next few days. Social media posts were in the certain pattern that Trivikram spoiled Guntur Kaaram. Countering this behaviour of Mahesh fans, producer Naga Vamsi himself came in support of Trivikram. However, the mafia run by Mahesh fans can overshadow anything.

A good writer and director like Trivikram is targeted and trolled to this date by Mahesh fans. The fact is after Srimanthudu, none of the movies of Mahesh Babu were good. But every time the pattern is blame the director and attribute the positives to Mahesh Babu. But unlike other directors, Trivikram has distanced himself from Guntur Kaaram team right from the release. He even denied to participate in the success meet Mahesh planned to organise(ignore original result). 

Trivikram is known for comebacks, hoping he will answer the negative energies strongly. 

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