International movie viewers positive response for Salaar in Netflix

Salaar has started attracting international viewers and is gaining positive response ever since its release in Netflix. High voltage action entertainer, Salaar, directed by Prasanth Neel is gaining strength by each day. Initially during the theatrical release, Salaar opened to negative-mixed response from critics. But audience gave positive feedback and Salaar ended as a box office hit.

However Salaar couldn’t become a blockbuster hit because of the negative reviews from critics. Many audience missed this action entertainer in the theatre. Those who missed Salaar in theatre watched the movie in Netflix. And they kicked themselves for missing such a good movie in the theatre because of reviewers and critics. Overall, Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire has setup the right expectations for the Part 2 Shouryangaparvaam.

Here the unexpected is Salaar receiving positive response from International movie viewers. Of late, social media is flooded with positive responses for Salaar from serveral international viewers. Though this is not like as huge as RRR. Still, there is a good momentum continuing for Salaar. And Prabhas is alaready famous in western media right from Baahubali. This must help Salaar in Netflix to pick up good in the coming weeks. Now, this also increases the worth for Salaar part 2. And prasanth neel has the huge responsibility again to live upto the expectations and should repeat a KGF chapter 2. 

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