Prashant Varma thought Rishabh Shetty for that role!

After the success of the movie ‘Hanu Maan’, director Prashant Varma’s name is being heard everywhere. The movie hit the theaters on the occasion of Sankranti festival and received huge success.

In terms of collections, the film has crossed the Rs 200 crore mark and continues to do the same. Prashant Varma is still busy with interviews. In a recent interview, he said, “Samudrakhani played the role of Vibhishan in this movie. He did justice to that role.”

“But first I thought of Rishabh Shetty for the role of Vibhishan. I also approached him. But then he was busy with the sequel of ‘Kantara’. So he promised that he would definitely do it in my future project. In fact, in Jai Hanuman, which will be made as a sequel to ‘Hanuman’. Rishabh Shetty is perfect for the role and it remains to be seen if Prashant Varma will think in that direction.

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