Balakrishna not happy with his NBK109 director Bobby

It is very rare to hear that Nandamuri Balakrishna having trouble with directors, but in NBK109 all is not well between Balayya and director Bobby. Nandamuri Balakrishna is called as directors hero among the industry people. Without a question whatever his director says he would do. It is surprising that such a person is having trouble with director Bobby.

The reason behind this is said to be that Bobby is crossing the budget for unnecessary reasons. Balayya not only directors hero, he also cares about producers. During the Ooty schedule Bobby has made some unnecessary expenses. There itself Balayya has warned him to keep the budget under control. But, Bobby continued the same with Hyderabad schedule. Being a short tempered man, Balayya has lost his cool.

With this, on the sets of NBK109 itself, Balakrishna is said to have given bad mouth to director Bobby. However, production people and the other technicians present over there cooled Balayya. After this incident NBK109 set has turned to be like a haunted house with Bobby always maintaining safe distance. Anyhow, NBK109 is all positive so far with exciting cast and crew. We are hoping some small disturbances like this wont cause anything major.

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